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Parent Portal

Welcome to the Parental Portal

Here you'll find links to the various classrooms as well as a place to pay your tuition.

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Educational Resources   Enrichment

Download the school calendar.

Video library

The Pink Refrigerator (story read by Ethan)
Squish (story read by Esa)
Splish, Splash, Splat (story read by Alex)
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (story read by Alex)
Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs (story read by Vanessa)
The Monster in the Cupboard (story read by Kelly & Marble)
Chinese Zodiac (story read by Nini)
The Story of Mulan (story read by Nini)
Halloween Cats (story read by Vanessa)
Silly Tilly and the Royal Rules (story read by Crystal)
Baby Bears Book (story read by Vanessa)
The Deer of Nine Colors (story read by Coco)
Yum, Yum, Yummy (story read by Emma)
Jacke Ace Detective (story read by Yoyo)
Yu Gong Moves the Mountains (story read by Cindy)
Ducks Don't Get Wet (story read by Bella)
How I Became a Pirate
The Big Orange Splot (story read by Mrs. T)
Itsy Mitsy Runs Away
Hugs from Pearl
Kitten's First Full Moon
Jinnie Ghost
Who Would Win? Killer Whale VS Great White Shark
The Flying Trunk
Puss in Boots
Pierre Bear
Country Mouse, City Mouse
The Cat in the Hat
Mr. Steve's class