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Arbor Bay School Donations

The Global Summit for Joy, recently held online, featured a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, of blessed memory. The question of "finding joy in troubled time" was discussed, with the two presenting differing views. The Dalai Lama stated that joy comes from helping others to be bold while Tutu stated that joy comes from compassion for others. I was struck by these comments and realized that a deeper understanding of others is essential to form a basis for joy. And Arbor Bay has a plan to put this in action!

If the goal of society is to create opportunities for all, we need to start building an understanding of others, starting from an early age. Reading, or being read to, can provide a chance to teach children about important social issues including justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI). Arbor Bay School is asking for your help by making an investment in our proposed JEDI Project. By addressing these important issues using literature, we will be engaging teachers, parents and children in an important conversation. Children can relate to book characters who demonstrate both similarities and differences to themselves, developing understanding as they learn more.

The JEDI Project's focus is to create a JEDI Library at Arbor Bay, purchasing 100 books on these topics, for use by staff/students and their families. Additionally, we will create a Teacher Resource Manual and a Family Guide and then make the JEDI Library at Arbor Bay available for use by community members. Our goal is to create opportunities for JEDI Project participants to learn more about the issues related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and create positive change in our school, family, neighborhood and community.

It's a BIG goal, and the timing is urgent. Arbor Bay is uniquely positioned to address this through the JEDI Project, as we are at the heart of these issues. These are the tasks of our school community; creating opportunities for understanding is our goal for our students. Your generous donation will address these issues head-on, teaching a generation of children to uphold the important work of the JEDI Project. Please join us in this important work.

Wishing joy to you and yours,

Susan Rose, Director, Arbor Bay School

Please consider making a gift that will allow us the opportunity to continue this valuable experience for our students. (Note: A service fee will be added to this amount)


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