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Arbor Bay School Donations

I am grateful for so many things regarding my children, and right at the top of the list is the Arbor Bay School (ABS).

The visionary leadership coupled with the generous donations from people like you have allowed ABS to offer a comprehensive wholistic program comprised of quality academic curriculum, support services and opportunities that provide rich educational experiences as well as social and life skills development; and, all of this is delivered in a nurturing, supportive family-like environment.

My daughter, Shakira became part of the ABS family over seven years ago as a Kindergartener. She is medically fragile and at the time, she had significant challenges communicating effectively. The attention to detail and individualized care provided by the staff is beyond measure. As a result, each year I have noticed measurable growth in her development across many areas.

So much can be said about the ABS program, the benefits the students receive by participation and exposure to things like: Science Camp, Running Club, Student Government, Girl Scouts, Music/PE/Art/Yoga, Annual Talent Shows, Community Service and Guest Speakers/Assemblies. Shakira has participated in all and gained leadership experience, overcome fears, developed public presentation skills, and become more astute and aware of community and world issues.

However, I am most grateful for the confidence that my daughter has in herself. I know this is a direct result of the learning environment and atmosphere at ABS. Because of the ABS program my daughter knows she is smart and capable. She believes in herself and focuses on her strengths, and the supportive Arbor Bay Staff helps her improve in her areas of weakness and fear.

This was possible because of the transformative work of the school team whose efforts were the catalyst for the improvement in Shakira’s communication skills, the increase in her level of confidence, and her ability to overcome her shyness. This speaks volumes about the ABS environment.

I could go on with the numerous examples of her growth in different areas, but nothing compares with the smile on her face, and the joy she has in going to school each day. She has a strong academic foundation that will help her go far and reach her fullest potential. I will forever be grateful for the dedicated team at ABS for their efforts to not only educate our children but to prepare them to be good citizens and neighbors, actively engaged in the world around them.

— Sandra Spencer, Parent

Please consider making a gift that will allow us the opportunity to continue this valuable experience for our students. (Note: A service fee will be added to this amount)


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