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ABS Solidarity Statement
Arbor Bay School (ABS) stands in solidarity with any and all individuals seeking to level the playing field in the fight against institutional racism and bias in the United States.
The mission of ABS has always been and will continue to be the inclusion and acceptance of all persons. Diversity is the greatest gift, and celebrating diversity is what makes ABS such a special place for our students and for our community. It has often been said that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
At this moment, that moral arc seems to be bending in earnest, and ABS will continue to do its part. We want to hear from you, our community, at all times, but now your voices are even more important.
Stand with us. Speak to us. Speak through us. Our diversity is our strength.
Racial Awareness Resources

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    We are very much alive
    with the energy of students at work and play.
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    We Serve Students K-8
    with mild-to-moderate language based learning differences.
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    We foster success
    for children wtih learning differences.
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    Our program is
    designed to teach students the skills needed to be successful.
Our Goal $75,000 $45,689

Dear Friends,

Everything is different now, and our need for your support is stronger than ever. Our amazing students are safely participating in At Home Learning and our terrific staff is working harder than ever to individualize their online programs!  A BIG concern we are beginning to realize is that many families' lives have been impacted financially in a significant manner due to COVID-19. Prior to this, more than 15% of our families received financial assistance.  Now, some are no longer able to make their tuition payments due to a change in their job security status. Consequently, we are anticipating a $75,000 deficit to our operating budget this year.  Please show your commitment to our community and stand with us by donating, as you can.  These necessary funds are targeted at those members of our community who are most vulnerable, so we can continue providing all our families the same high standard of education needed to achieve. 

Our At Home Learning program is jam-packed with daily academic instruction, book read-alouds by staff, hands-on science and history lessons and other online resources.  Adding to this, we have the teletherapy by the Speech and Occupational Therapists, the enrichment videos from our Yoga, PE and Music specialists and more!  We are reaching out in ways we never imagined, and we daily reaffirm our belief that “every student's education should be special”.  We are committed to the collective vision we have for all our students: to be educated, accountable, and resilient members of society.

Our annual fundraising event on May 2nd was postponed due to the health crisis.  Please consider making a donation in the amount you might have contributed at the event.  We are consequently short of our annual fundraising goal and anticipate even less funding due to the outbreak.  Please join us to ensure our families receive the scholarship support needed to continue to move forward.  Your gift today will ensure your child and the children of our Arbor Bay community's education for tomorrow and beyond. This health crisis should not become an education crisis for our families, as well.

Thank you for your partnership,

Dane Barca, Chair, Board of Directors
Susan Rose, Director, Arbor Bay School

Arbor Bay School Donors

County Consumer Plumbing
Naoya Koizumi
Garnet Batinovich
Yael Goshen
Padma & Pramod Bhooma
Nancy & Mike Hall
Michele & Eric Moyer
Larry Tobin
The Gentry Family
ABS Friend
Cai & Carlos Araneta
Dana Ayoob
Brain Baytosh & Nikki Rooker
Jill & Vincent Benitiz
Chris & Nance Coggins
Gayle Collins
Mimi & Nathaniel Ezray
Barbara & Alan Fisher
Clock Tower Music
Kelly & Steve Madden
The Rotary Club of San Carlos
Dr. Elizabeth Landerholm
Pilar Parducci & Tony Richmond
David & Susan Ron
Susan & Jon Rose
Mamtha & Pradip Shankar
Bonnie & Harvey Silverman
Holly & Hugo Troche
Rose Wheeler
Dane & Sonja Barca
Dominic Moriarty
Otter Club
Joe & Lina Agius
Joe Antonacci
Nancy Aknin
Jessica & David Barter
Fank Bravo
Jessica Byron
Faith Clark
Lara Turgay & Nicolas Cuttris
Derek Hemlich
Gloria & Alan Hemlich
Jerri Jensen
Mark Kessler
Tami & Dave Yanaga
Laura Larkin
Jon & Diane Levinson
Abby King & Steve Lovett
Florence Murray
Michelle & Michael Murray
Jill Rege
Marcia Reisman
Sarah Rose
Mr & Mrs Stanek
David & Dori Tanaka
Linda Townsend
Beth Whitney
Katherine Sherman

Congratulate Arbor Bay School on being a TreeRing Green Yearbook School! Since you've sold 27 yearbooks, we'll be working with our partner, Trees for the Future, to plant that many trees in your school's name.

About Arbor Bay School

Since 2003, Arbor Bay School has increased opportunities for children in K-8th grade with mild to moderate learning differences to achieve academic and social success. We achieve this through highly individualized and specialized instruction by credentialed Special Education teachers combined with Speech and Occupational Therapy in a small classroom environment.

Each student's learning strengths and areas of need define their specific program. Arbor Bay School covers all Common Core State Standards and NGSS at each grade level.