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REOPENING PLAN January 2021 Revision

Last updated: January 28, 2021


ARBOR BAY SCHOOL (1/28/21 Revisions)


Custodial schedules have been adjusted to ensure daily cleaning, disinfection and sanitation of the entire school including all classrooms, lobby, hallways and bathrooms.  Floors to be cleaned and disinfected daily.  Weekly deep-clean by custodial staff, including fogging the entire site with approved formula. 

Bathrooms will be wiped clean mid-morning and after lunch recess by Administrative staff. 

Learning Materials will not be shared, and each student will have their personal items and school supplies, stored in a dedicated space and cleaned regularly. All materials will be cleaned and disinfected daily. 


 Arbor Bay will offer the option of onsite (with one day a week of At Home Learning)  

or distance learning, with the family making the decision best suited for their student.  Due to our NPS status, classrooms size is already capped at 14 students.  Classrooms are large enough to allow 6' spacing between desks. Each of the 3 small stable classroom groups will be maintained throughout the day.   


Each classroom has 3 doors, allowing the students/staff to enter and exit without contact with other students/staff.  Start times have been staggered to allow for Administrative staff to perform the Health Screening while the student is still in their arriving vehicle (see description below).  Upon arrival, students who have passed the temperature and health screening will enter their classroom through the exterior door.  Room A will access the bathrooms by entering the exterior door to Room B and utilizing the side hallway door.  Room B and Room C will access the bathrooms by utilizing the side hallway door.  The main hallway can be accessed by each classroom and there will be directional arrows on the floor to designate movement patterns.    


Face masks are required of all school personnel onsite (administrators, teachers, assistant teachers and therapists). Disposable gloves are available for use by staff for individual interactions with students and when cleaning in the classrooms.  All classrooms are supplied with 2 sanitation stations which include: gloves, masks, touchless thermometer, sanitizing gel and disinfectant wipes.

Students in Grades 3-8 will be required to wear face coverings throughout the school day.  Our younger students will be encouraged to wear face coverings for at least 50% of the day.  Staff will provide training in these areas.   


Upon staff arrival daily, the Administrative staff will perform a touch-free temperature check and complete the daily health screening form prior to staff entering the building.  If symptoms are present, the staff member must leave immediately. 

At daily drop-off of students, Administrative staff will perform a touch-free temperature check and complete the daily health screening form with the parent, prior to the student exiting the car.  If the student has a fever above 100 or other symptoms, then the student is not allowed to exit the car.

Random temperature checks will be performed if symptoms are suspected.  Each classroom has a touchless thermometer for staff use.  If symptoms are present, the student is to be isolated in Room F and parents called to pick up the child.


Daily Hygiene Routines:

·       Students will eat snack and lunch at their classroom desk or outside, with a staggered lunch time schedule to maintain physical distancing.

·       Routine handwashing will be conducted every 2 hours, or more frequently, if needed.  Sinks are available in Classrooms B and C and Room A will utilize the sinks in the bathrooms, with supervision. 

·       Sanitizing stations are located in each classroom, office, restroom, and lobby.

·       Ventilation is important and outdoor learning is to be used whenever possible. An upgraded filtration system has been implemented by the building landlord (City of San Carlos) and classroom fans will be utilized.

·       School Visitors/Volunteers are not permitted until allowed by County guidance.  When permitted they will require a screening prior to entering the building.  

·       On-site deliveries will be handled by the administrative staff. 


All precautions will be implemented to prevent exposure onsite.  When notified by County officials of a 'case' (or by a school family regarding exposure to a 'contact'), we will follow the required protocols of notification of school community and participate in the required obligation of shutdown and cleaning.  If required, the program will immediately shift to distance learning.  We will voluntarily participate in identification of 'contacts', following FERPA and HIPAA guidelines.   

(Responsible staff:  Susan Rose, School Director, 650/244-1519 ext. 3301)  


Each classroom is able to provide 6' of spacing between student and staff desks.  We will utilize the physical distancing protocols for movement throughout the classrooms, hallways and building. 

The large outside patios and adjacent field provide ample opportunities for physical distancing for academic instruction as well as contact-less PE and recess.  Staff will measure/mark to ensure required spacing and will lead contact-less recess/PE activities to monitor distancing requirements.


Professional development will be utilized to train staff in hygiene policies and procedures.  Staff will then work with students concerning handwashing, mask usage, physical distancing, recognition of symptoms/health screening and social-emotional topics.

Family Education will be provided for topics related to handwashing, mask usage, physical distancing, recognition of symptoms/health screening, trauma-informed classrooms, social- emotional learning, parenting skills during a pandemic and other topics.


Staff will be required to get tested if symptoms are present.  On a rotating basis, staff will be required to be tested at least once monthly.  As essential workers, staff will utilize the  Project Baseline ( and other resources for ongoing testing. 

If a staff member requires immediate testing, Arbor Bay will reimburse all out-of-pocket personal insurance expenses related to the testing. 

Students will be required to get tested if symptoms are present and upon recommendation by their health provider. 

Scenario 1:  Student/Staff with COVID-19 Symptoms - Send person home and recommend

testing while school remains open. If positive, see #3 below, if negative, see #4 below.  No communication with school community is required. 

Scenario 2:  Student/Staff with close contact to a confirmed COVID-19 case – send person home for 14-day quarantine while school remains open.  Notify school community of a known contact.

Scenario 3:  Student/Staff with confirmed COVID-19 case infection:  Notify San Mateo County Public Health Department and County Office of Education; isolate 'case" and exclude from school; identify 'contacts' to quarantine for 14 days; recommend testing of 'contacts'; disinfect site and school can remain open.  Notify school community of known 'case'.

Scenario 4:  Student/Staff test negative – may return to school 3 days after symptoms resolve and school remains open.  Notify school community of negative testing.

(Responsible Staff: Bonnie Silverman, Site Administrator,, 650-244-1519  ext. 3302)


Arbor Bay School is prepared to switch to distance learning if notified by the County authorities that the transition is required.  All students have online capacity and a device at home. 

School closure may be appropriate if there are 'cases' in multiple small stable groups (or 5% of total number of students/staff).  If closed, Arbor Bay may reopen after 14 days and cleaning, public health inspection and consultation.  


Ongoing communication occurs through the School's website, classrooms portals and regular email messaging, consistent with FERPA and HIPAA privacy requirements. 

Evidence of Consultation with staff, parent and community organizations:

The Arbor Bay school community and staff were surveyed (100% response all 3 times) on June 30, 2020; July 15, 2020; and August 12, 2020 regarding their preference for distance learning or onsite programming (with one day per week of At Home Learning).  

Based on this information, the plan is to offer the option for onsite and distance learning for our school community and staff.