Arbor Bay School offers a Young Five's program with a low student: teacher ratio of 3:1 to help give students a strong and confidant start in in their formal education. Our teachers are credentialed and utilize Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten when designing the multi-disciplinary curriculum. Addressing any social and academic challenges at this young age helps students learn how to navigate in a social environment and build self-confidence, while establishing a love of learning.

There are many reasons parents decide to delay the start of Kindergarten, including:

  • Language skills
  • Physical strength
  • Assertiveness and social maturity
  • Self-confidence
  • Flexibility of thinking and resourcefulness

Arbor Bay School's program is very much alive with the energy of students at work and play. In addition to a core curriculum that meets State Standards, students have an opportunity to leverage the latest technology platforms on iPads, laptops or desktops. As part of the Arbor Bay School whole child curriculum, students also participate in yoga, medication and physical education, and learn music from our music specialist. Last but not least, students enjoy playtime at beautiful Burton Park, which is adjacent to Arbor Bay School. Arbor Bay School's ultimate goal is to give students the tools to successfully transition to a larger classroom environment.