Technology at Arbor Bay School

Arbor Bay School utilizes technology to complement our rich academic curriculum. Our approach to technology is both thoughtful and strategic with the purpose of enhancing learning and cultivating digital literacy. Meaningful investments in new technology and professional development are examples of our dedication to offer a program that best suits our students’ various academic needs. The following list highlights the technology leveraged in our classrooms and by all of our students:

  • eBeam Smart Boards are used in each classroom to further engage students in all subject matters through its interactive capabilities.
  • Fusion Writers are word processing tools available to students who experience fine motor challenges and for older students who benefit from a simplified laptop. The design enables users to see their hands and the screen simultaneously and navigate without the need of a mouse.
  • Desktops and Laptops are used by students daily to complement class work on decoding, phonics, grammar, reading comprehension, math facts, writing, spelling and typing
  • Software that has the ability to pace the curriculum individually in the areas of keyboarding, language arts and math
  • iPads are highly motivating and effective learning tools for our students. The learning apps are chosen strategically and are great for students who have fine motor issues and have difficulty using a traditional computer mouse. Students also use apps for language supports. The handwriting apps are very helpful for students who get frustrated with a pencil and paper. Finally, iPads are great for students with shorter attention spans.