The purpose of speech-language therapy is to optimize a student's ability to communicate. Speech therapy is offered at Arbor Bay School in the classroom and one-on-one during the school day and/or in the after school program. It is not uncommon to see an Arbor Bay School speech/language therapist out on the playground with the children during recess or playing ball with them during physical education to address speech needs in a variety of environments. Integrating speech therapy into daily activities helps students carry over goals and measure progress.

Arbor Bay School's speech/language component is an integral part of each classroom. Ongoing collaboration between the speech therapists and the parents and teachers assists with promoting advanced communication skills throughout each day, at home and in the community. Arbor Bay School partners with Associated Language and Learning Specialists to provide exceptional evaluation and therapy services to enable Arbor Bay School students to overcome unique challenges and gain skills and confidence.

My younger sister has come such a long way since she started Arbor Bay School. Before she started ABS, she was barely talking; it took quite an effort to get her to talk. Now, it is the exact opposite. It takes effort to stop her from talking, and she talks with real knowledge. My sister shows us so many reasons to be proud of her every day. I love her and am truly amazed at how far she has come with ABS.

-Sahana Shankar, Arbor Bay School Sibling