social learning

Social Learning/Whole Child Development

We live in a socially complex world that requires strong verbal and nonverbal skills for successful social communication. Arbor Bay School provides structured opportunities for students to experience, understand, and apply play and communication to social skills. Specific developmental skills are focused on with role plays, scripts, games and motivational activities. Social skills are emphasized throughout the day with an emphasis on the ‘teachable moment.’

Furthermore, Arbor Bay School provides opportunities for students to interact in mainstream environments by playing on the neighborhood playground during recess and lunch.

Social Skills Group Sessions

A speech/language therapist leads social skills group sessions in each class at Arbor Bay School. The speech/language pathologist runs these small groups while collaborating with the teachers to ensure that the current curriculum corresponds with the social skills groups. Teachers also work with the speech/language pathologist to help identify social needs that should be focused on during these group social skills sessions. As important, the Arbor Bay School teachers are given the tools to help the students carry over these newly learned social skills beyond these group sessions.