Question: Is Arbor Bay School a good value? Please explain.

  • The small teacher-student ratio, the technology, the training and theon-site support services as well as the after school care is a great “one-stop” solution for kids with learning differences and two working parents.
  • Yes! Everything (education, therapies, social acceptance) is available in one place for the students. The teachers individualize the needs of each child and continue to modify throughout the school year.
  • Yes. My daughter’s learning was unlocked at Arbor. That’s priceless.
  • Due to ABS’ small size and economies of scale, the program is a fair value.
  • Arbor Bay helped my daughter gain confidence in herself and her work.

Question: Is there anything you’d like to share with us about your experience with Arbor Bay School?

  • It’s been a success for our family. Our child has been helped in more ways that we thought would ever be possible. And for that, we’re forever grateful to all the dedicated staff at ABS.
  • I could not imagine being without ABS. The developmental growth my daughter continues to make is amazing.
  • Good school with family-like atmosphere
  • I would never trade or undo his year at Arbor Bay as we met wonderful families and learned an enormous amount about what works and doesn’t work for our guy. Children grow and change in surprising ways and what may work one year, may not work the next. That does not mean however that there is a failing on the part of the school. I still miss Arbor Bay – it is a special place filled with wonderfully committed and dedicated staff.
  • Arbor Bay helped my daughter gain confidence in herself and her work.