Multi-Disciplinary Program

Arbor Bay School fosters academic and social success for children with learning differences through individualized instruction in a small classroom environment with a low teacher-student ratio. Arbor Bay School addresses each student individually and personally, with a focus on meeting the needs of the whole child.

Leveraging current research on the brain, our programs and curriculum are scientifically proven to facilitate best results and incorporate state of the art technology. Arbor Bay School’s curriculum covers all K-8 subject areas and meets Common Core State Standards in language arts, math, science, social studies, music, arts and physical education.

As a non-public, non-profit school, we welcome both school district and privately placed students who benefit from our small class sizes and hands-on, individual attention. We design a comprehensive success plan for each student that incorporates proven evaluation, educational and therapy practices.

In this positive and nurturing environment, students learn to believe in themselves and to take risks that will ultimately build critical confidence both in and out of the classroom. Our goal is that our students are able to transition to their local community school after benefiting from the Arbor Bay School approach.

The Arbor Bay School experience is characterized by:

    • Multi-disciplinary, integrated educational teams
    • Research based curriculum and instruction tailored to each student
    • A multi-sensory, experiential environment with a whole child approach
    • Highly skilled specialized and credentialed special education teachers in every classroom and a small class size
    • On-site speech/language and occupational therapists
    • Academic, social, and emotional growth curriculum
    • Formal PE, music, yoga and meditation instruction
    • Outdoor education experience