Arbor Bay School’s program is very much alive with the energy of students at work and play. Students engage in academics and have an opportunity to leverage the latest technology platforms on iPads, laptops or desktops, while teachers make lessons interactive with eBeams.

Incorporated into the program are speech pathologists, occupational therapists and counselors. Once weekly therapy groups occur focusing on areas of need. There is also a constant stream of consultation/collaboration between the therapists and teachers as well as monthly team meetings.

As part of the Arbor Bay School whole child development philosophy, students participate in specialist directed programming including yoga, meditation, physical education and music. Last but not least, students enjoy playtime at beautiful Burton Park, which is adjacent to Arbor Bay School.

Many Arbor Bay School's families view Arbor Bay School's small and nurturing environment as a preferred choice for their child's education. At the same time, some of our families work with their teachers on a plan to transition their child to a larger school setting after their student is given the tools to succeed through Arbor Bay School's program.