Occupational therapy is designed to help in a variety of areas of a child's life, including the ability to perform perceptual, gross, and fine motor tasks. At Arbor Bay School, we treat children with a variety of diagnosis and areas of need including:

  • fine and gross motor development (coordination, balance, praxis)

  • sensory processing / modulation (attention, focus, filtering, balance)

  • visual perceptual skills (visual processing)

  • ocular motor (eye tracking for reading)

  • hand-eye coordination (to support handwriting and sports)

  • handwriting

  • self help

Similar to Speech Therapy at Arbor Bay School, Occupational Therapy is offered in the classroom ("push in" therapy) and one-on-one ("pull out" therapy) during the school day and/or in the after school program. At Arbor Bay School, you will often see an occupational therapist interacting with the students during recess and/or during their academic lessons. It is an incredible opportunity to have the occupational therapist work with the students across all environments period.

Arbor Bay School partners with Associated Language and Learning Specialists to provide exceptional evaluation and therapy services to enable Arbor Bay School students to overcome unique challenges, and gain skills and confidence.

What I appreciate most is that the Arbor Bay School teachers and therapists know how to bring out the best in our children, build their self-esteem, and provide a platform for each student to be a model to others of his or her strengths. Furthermore, with the low student/teacher ratio, our children receive the individualized attention and instruction they deserve, resulting in tremendous progress. Arbor Bay School is a haven where both my son and I feel welcome, valued, and at home.

- Faith Clarke, Arbor Bay School Parent