Arbor Bay School is accepting students now! We have rolling admissions and accept students throughout the school year, on a space available basis.

Traits of Arbor Bay School Students

Arbor Bay School serves students age 5-14 (K-8) with mild-to-moderate language based learning differences that may impact academics, speech/language, motor development, attention/focus and social skills.

Arbor Bay School students have broad capabilities and are successful with our research based curriculum and multi-sensory strategies. Each class is uniquely designed to maximize a student’s strengths.

Class placement is determined by a student’s developmental profile to ensure optimal academic and social success. Students may have a diagnosis of receptive-expressive language delay, dyslexia, auditory processing challenges, attention deficit, autism, asperger’s, or gifted and benefit from the small classroom environment. The classes are blended in a way that facilitates students to actively engage with each other and with the learning process.